Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring is here!!


It's so much nicer out. It's been pouring down rain all day, but I don't care. We need it! Maybe we'll actually have some crops this year!

I've been getting out different horses and working and riding more often. Getting my heart back into it, and it feels so good! I  had an amazing ride on Lacey the other day at 4-H! Lacy's just the smoothest ride anyway....Mrs. Rosenthal was helping us with seat aids- turning or moving the horse over using our seat first, then the legs, and the reins if needed. I need to do with Lacy is dip a shoulder and she moves over- she is sooooo sensitive! It dawned on me too that the reason she always seems so cranky is because she's so sensitive. When we ask her to do something we're shouting at her, because our cues aren't soft enough. About time I realized that, eh?

Anyway, I got about a half hour's ride on her in the big round pen. No reins. Just worked on trot to halt, walk to trot, trot to walk, keeping her on the rail. The only time I picked up the reins or used my legs was when she threw a fit and actually kicked Sydney. She knocked her down...but Sydney was unhurt. Mrs. Rosenthal walked next to me then while walking her, and when Lacy tried to get Mrs. Rosenthal, Mrs, Rosenthal "kicked" her with the carrotstick. That was all she needed! She changed her mind and stopped being a brat to everyone on the ground. As we were ending, Mrs. Rosenthal let me do trot to canter transitions. Ten strides at the trot, ten strides at the canter, and repeat. All I had to do was use my breath. Perfect transitions. :) I was pretty happy with that! Lacy was happy too! She loves to move her feet!

Anyway, next week at 4-H we're all going out to June's for a work day! Mrs. Miller is bringing thre of her horses so afterwards we're all going to play. :) Should be fun!