Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lesson 2 with Cherokee

It is absolutely incredible what horses can do for people with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, etc.

I had my second riding this morning, and I feel so amazing right now. Even though it wasn't a super successful lesson, I feel like I could fly. Horses are literally the best kind of therapy for me. I've known that for a long time...and even on nights when I feed it helps, just being around them. But when I ride, it's like every bad thing about life doesn't even matter anymore. I just love it. :)

Now, onto the lesson. I had some trouble today. We worked on turns first. Worked on looking before rein. But my problem is when I go to use my rein I always go out with a leading rein, because that's what I was always told to do. x) Lisa said "look at you, Miss Western, with that leading rein. Now give me an English rein!" xD

So I have to remember rein to belly button, not out. I was getting the hang on if by the end of the lesson.

Elastic elbows was much easier at the walk this time. Cherokee pretty does all that for me, as soon as I can loosen my elbows enough!

We started some trotting. Cherokee has a fast but smooth trot. I had trouble keeping contact with the reins, because the trot is so much different. But my main problem was my legs and seat. As soon as I went into the trot I was way back on my tailbone. I have to remember to sit up on the three points of my pelvis more, and I have to remember to keep my legs back (sitting back on the tailbone brings the legs forward). She also keeps telling me to tighten my legs. Not squeezing hard, but just enough to help Cherokee stay collected. Then she was telling me toes up and out, and pinch my shoulders, stick out my heart....I must have looked like a ragdoll flopping around. x)

But right at the end, I got it just enough that I felt the difference, and so did Cherokee. He was much happier! We ended with that, since it was a success.

It'll just take practice for me to remember all of that at once. today made me realize that I have many habits to break, and many more make!