Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New opportunity!

I have the opportunity to start going with the Millers on Thursdays up to Pat and Ralph Moses' place for lessons!! :D We'll start  going as soon as the river goes back down! We've actually had a decent amount of rain this year! Huzzah!!

Also, there is going to be like, a Holistic Horse and Hoof care seminar at the Wilsons next month!! It's put on by the ESANA (Equine Soundness Association of North America), and there's going to be some serious pros there! Mrs. Wilson used two of my photos in the flyer too!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And she asked if I would be willing to help out and photograph some of the event as well! :D So excited for it!

I think this link will take you to the flyer:

Other than many other things have happened....I've been trying to get more hours at work....gosh I can't even remember everything that's happened recently. x) We just got back from vacation in the Smoky Mountains last Saturday....yeah, its been hectic!

I'm going to a rodeo this weekend! I should bring back some good pictures from it! :D