Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm in a pickle...

Feeling down. Way down. :(

June told us Monday that we're in a bit of a pickle. Mrs. Wilson (whom I work for) got two horses (named Tulsa and Atticus) that she's been keeping for a while officially dumped on her. She has to place these two horses soon. So she talked to June, and her and June agreed to bring the idea up to us: swap horses.

They want to take Sterling and Buster back to the Wilson's, and bring Tulsa and Atticus to June's barn. That way, we would have 4 ridable horses, instead of three (Sterling's not ridable).

Problem number one: Arragon and Sterling are so close....if they get separated, they are going to be devastated. They'll adapt, yes, but still....they are not going to be happy campers for a long time.

Problem number two: If Sterling does go, he won't have a stall to lay down in at night. Sterling has to lay down at night in order to get off of his hind legs, and the stall makes him feel much safer.

Problem number three (and the worst one in my opinion): I'll be losing Buster. My precious Red!! Yes, I'll be able to see him 4 days a week when I go to work for the Wilson's, but I'm going to lose so much with him!

June and Mrs. Wilson want me to take Atticus to work with instead, if we do this. Atticus is likely a Westphalian. He's a bay- in fact he looks almost exactly like Arragon. He's got a great big rectangle of a head, stocky legs, and a kind of sad face. I've never ridden him before, but I have ground-worked him once- and it was just a quick session. I think he's an introvert- can't decide whether or not he's left a lefty or a righty, though. Anytime he's ever seen me he always comes right up to me- he wants to be friendly. He was a hunter/jumper/trail horse, but he hasn't had any work in a long time.

The only draw back: he's huge. Not quite as tall as Arragon, but still big enough to make me nervous. I just don't feel safe around big horses- hence the reason I don't like working Arragon.

If I knew this wouldn't be somewhat permanent, I would probably say yes. But it likely will be.

June, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Miller say that I'm getting too advanced for Buster. They say that Buster is a limited horse- and I believe them. Buster doesn't have the ability to bend- or if he does, it would take someone far more advanced than me to coax it out of him. He also will never be able to jump because of his right hip. And we're still stuck on circles.

If I get Atticus, I'll be able to do a lot more, but I'll lose so much. I don't know what I'm going to do. I wish there was some way I could keep Buster and still be able to help Mrs. Wilson!

There is a smidgen of hope. Mrs. Rosenthal is coming to look at some of the Wilson horses next Saturday. She's looking into getting one for her an Sydney. Chances are slim, but she might possibly be able to take Atticus- which would be excellent for him, because she's a wonderful rider. I have at least until Saturday then, to think about this more. I keep on praying, and I'm still not seeing an answer. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't wanna lose that chubby, sorrel, Quarter Horse with the perfect ears, bushy forelock, and nerdy personality!

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