Monday, October 1, 2012

So much fun!!

Guess where I got to go on the 27th??? The St. Louis National Charity Horse Show!!! Well, one evening of it....but it was so amazing!! I had so much fun!

Mrs. B....she wants me to call her by her first name, Pia....Pia invited us to go with her. She meets her sister there every year to watch an evening of it, and she had extra room in her car. Roman went, and Kat and Casey went too! This was part of the American Saddlebred weekend, so all horses that we saw were AS's.

We got there at about six in the evening. They were finishing up phase 2 of the S7B ASB Working Western Pleasure 2012 World's Grand Championship, phase 2, which was trail. We saw tons of English and western classes, and also cart classes, and the little roadster ponies!

Roman wanted to go for a walk, so he led us back into the barns and was so huge! There were the little tents that each farm had with their tables of ribbons and such laid out for people to see. And the fancy lockers with the horse's names on them next to the stalls, and make-up booths for the riders, and a farrier, and all of this fancy was neat! We saw the warm up ring, and another arena entirely that wasn't being used.

Oh, and when we got back to the bleachers where we sitting, I had a soda and some nachos (cuz Roman had to stop and get food!). They started playing the National Anthem right as we got to the bleachers, so Kat, Casey and I stopped and stood still. Right as I stopped, my nachos fell on the floor. Kat and I looked at each other, trying not to laugh, and went through the whole anthem with nachos at our feet. It was hilarious!! xD

They ended up having free tacos and fajitas later, so I didn't starve. :)

I was able to take tons of pictures! It was indoors, so the light was screwy, but most of them turned out okay! I took 115 pictures that turned out, so I'll only post a few here.

Oh, and on the way home, Kat, Casey and I got so ridonkulously slap was awesome. x) Anyway, it was an awesome night! I wanted to go back for the rest of the weekend, but couldn't. :( Still, it was really awesome getting to see what we did see!

Working Western Pleasure Grand Champion!

Working Western Pleasure Reserve Champion!

Roadster pony!

She was the best rider I saw all night. Annnddd...she won first in her class!

From the Parade class, which was so cool!

This pair won first in their class!

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