Sunday, February 26, 2012

Synchronization and Grammar

I was going to title this post "Hung out with Buster today...". But that got me thinking...what is the proper way to say that? Obviously, "Hanged out with Buster today..." doesn't work. Neither does "Hunged". I had to ask the Dictionary- aka, my mother.

She said that "Hung" is actually the proper way to say it. Still doesn't sound right to me though. How about this instead:

"Associated with Buster today..."
"Mingled with Buster today..."

Whatever. Seeing as how this post is half about grammar now, I've renamed the post. x)

ANYWAY- getting on to the horses...

So I 'hung' out with Buster this afternoon. I was actually planning on filming my level 1:2 audition and just seeing how it would go, but the wind was brutal!! All of my obstacles were going everywhere, no matter how much I weighted them down. So we basically just played today. His yoyo was absolutely fantastic, circles were bad again though. I emailed Pat and Ralph Moses (2 Star Parelli Instructors that we've worked with a few times) about circles. I'm hoping they'll reply soon.

I did a ton of synchronization with him today, which he loved. We worked on trot to back up some, but he wanted to canter so bad, so we did some of that too. We would canter down the length of the arena, stop, do a 180, and then take off back the other way. I also tried cantering with him, and then stopping and crouching down. He would stop, and then tiptoe over and put his head down my mine. We focused on bringing our energies up and down really fast.

And then!!! We did the most awesome thing- we sidepassed together! I would stand right next to him, facing the same direction as he was, and I would use my carrot stick to moves his front and hind ends over. He picked up on it right away, and we got about 5 steps sidepassing together! He had a lot of trouble with it on the right side, which didn't surprise me, but that's something we'll be working on more this spring! It was pretty exciting. :P

That was pretty much it. I'm a little bummed that I didn't get to film my audition, but the fact that we got that sidepass made me feel a lot better about today. We're getting more and more warmer weather streaks, so hopefully I can get back to some regular schedule with him.

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