Thursday, June 28, 2012

My friend Tracie invited me to go trail riding with her yesterday. I actually had tons of fun!

She let me ride Spirit (fleabitten grey, 10 y/o, Quarter Horse/Arabian mare). I've met Spirit before, when Tracie brought her over to June;s for a day, but I'd never ridden her. Tracie had me come out on Monday night to ride her in the arena a little bit. Tracie does a lot of the Clinton Anderson stuff, so Spirit's cues were fairly familiar to me. I think she's a right brain introvert.

Spirit was wonderfully calm on the trail. We took about an hour ride (at Greensfelder), and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves the whole way. It was really fun, and we plan on doing it again! :)

Oh, and we got word from Mr. Freet- finally! He sent a really nice card to Ms. June, and he said that Buster is doing well. He has 3 other horses with him, which makes me feel so much better, knowing he has company!

It's I've really been missing him. I miss him every day, but today's been tough. I guess because I got to trail ride Spirit, and that's something I never really got to do with Red. :( I think I'm going to try and contact Mr. Freet, and maybe see if I can come see Red.

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