Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alas, I haven't been keeping up here. Not that there's much to keep up with though. I haven't really done much horse related since I rode Tulsa. I've worked with him a little once or twice since, but I was alone so I couldn't ride. I really do think I could grow to like him a lot. Mrs. Wilson has helped me make a schedule that would allow me to ride 4 times a week (4-H included) and still have like 3 hours of school a day (which will likely be plenty). I'm basically done with school for the year, but we start back up on July 1st. And then for a week in July I have some stupid GED prep class that I have to go to that I don't know a thing about, and then in September, Kate and I start these crappy public school classes that are going to waste ridiculous amounts of time. And you know, if they were math and science classes, I would be able to understand Momma and Daddy's motives for sending us. But one of them is a PUBLIC SPEAKING class! And it's like, 4 months long!! I don't even remember what the other classes are. Anyway, all those upcoming classes are scaring me to death, because I don't know anything about them or the places their going to be at and I'll be all alone the whole time I'm doing this.

Done ranting now.

I showed my schedule to daddy, and he said he really liked it, actually. I don't know if he's showed momma though. because she hasn't said anything and still doesn't seem to want to work with me here.

Sooo...I have the schedule worked out and all. But now I'm afraid to bring Tulsa over to June's and start working with him, because I know that I'm going to mess things up. I won't stick to my schedule, and I won't be consistent with Tulsa. And I'll get in huge trouble again.

So yeah, that's where I'm at. Still stuck in a hole. And just plain old grouchy. And worried.

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