Saturday, September 22, 2012


Friday was really pretty good with the horses! I worked Sterling, and he started some cantering circles, and also backed out to 22 feet...which is saying a lot for him! He never bit me either! That was a refresher...x)

Kate worked Arragon, and then rode a little. She did a little more cantering with him. He was being a it of a pill, but he still did well. She hopped off and then let me ride him. I've only ever ridden him like, three times before. He was pretty cool, actually. I don';t have a problem riding him...just ground working him. Anyway, I walked him for a few minutes, then trotted, and then he did some cantering for me. It was so nice to get on a horse that would actually hold a circle and bend and be consistent! It was really good! His canter is huge, because he;s so huge. It reminded of Buddy, a Quarter Horse gelding that used to be at the Wilson's place. Very rocking-horse motion.

Got some pictures...I'll see if I can get any up here...

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