Monday, September 17, 2012

That Pony...

That darned pony....


Wednesday morning, he knew exactly what buttons to push. He had me so frustrated!! I had to stop playing with him. I made him do one good hind end disengagement, and called it quits. He was biting, pushing, bullying, and he even kicked out at me once, which I don't think I've ever seen him do. He got popped for that.

The worst part about him though, is when he moves that shoulder in to you. I've never seen a horse that could push you over with that shoulder more than him! He's an expert! And that's the part that drives me crazy! I've got to find some new things to do with him!

I worked him last Saturday too, and he was a little better. We did some really nice trotting circles and change of direction. But anytime I try to synchronize with him, he brings that shoulder in. I started using small cues with my carrot stick to push him off, but that didn't work. So I started smacking him with it, and that didn't work. That's when I realized I was getting frustrated with him. For now, I've stopped synchronizing.

Wish I could ride that pony...he'd be so much better on the ground if we could!

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