Friday, March 15, 2013

It has been tooooo long. I am neglecting this thing. Hmmm....I need to stop being so busy and do this more often.

Not that there's much to report as far as the horsey part of my life goes.....still unmotivated, but wanting to get out and play more now that daylight savings time is switched and the days are getting warmer. OH!!! I did get to meet Lisa Wynne yesterday! She's training Liz and Diz for Mrs. Wilson!! It's a small world!!

I got two German Angora rabbits recently. THEY ARE MASSIVE! I sheared one of them yesterday. Worst shear job on the planet probably, but she feels much better!

Other than that, I'm just working a lot! Wilsons three days a week and the petstore at least four. I like the Wilsons because it's outside int he fresh air, but the petstore gives me good people experience...whether I want it or not. x) So anyway, maybe I'll play with Emmi today at the Wilsons since it's so warm out. Although we're a total mud pit right now, so I hate to do too much and wreck the ground. We'll see!

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