Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It happened...

It's official. I'm losing Buster.

Dan Freet (Buster's owner) just moved onto 20 acres. And he wants Buster back. It's going to be good in a lot of ways...Buster absolutely adores Dan....his face just lights up when he sees him. And he'll have plenty of pasture and Mr. Freet will be able to ride him (he understands that Buster needs lots of long walking to keep him fit).

And Mr. Freet will probably let me come and see him and ride him every once in a while. He's an incredibly nice man...June said that he's extremely worried about me losing Buster like this. I can't be mad at him.

I'm really, really trying hard to be happy for Buster. I know he's going to love being able to see Mr. Freet everyday, and Mr. Freet just absolutely adores Buster as well.

I haven't bawled yet. I always feel worse after bawling. I'm going to video my Parelli audition on Saturday.

I knew that this would happen sometime. I'm glad I prepared myself....still, it hurts. A lot.

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