Monday, December 17, 2012


Momma and Daddy surprised us this afternoon with another show: TIM HAWKINS!!!!! He's just started his new Push Pull Point Pow tour, and it was hilarious!!! We seriously had no idea he was in town tonight! But oh man, he was so great!! And one of the things he said really kind of impacted me: "Christianity is not something that's supposed to scare us into being good." I'm gonna do some pondering on this...his view of Christianity is so awesome. It just is. I wish I could have an audio recording of his message to us at the end. I wanted to scream amen at every sentence. Anyway, I feel something coming on about that quote up there. ^ Another song maybe....I dunno. Of course, after he said that, he went on to say: "That's Islam!". Which is true. Sorry Muslim folks, it's true. Anywho, he was pretty dang awesome to see! I'm blessed with such great parents!!

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