Sunday, January 6, 2013

Too long...

My it has been way too long away from this lovely place! How about an end-of-year recap?

From Dec. 23-28 I was house-sitting for the Wilsons. I love house sitting for them....but I know for a fact that I will never have so many horses at once. That is a lot of work to do everyday! Not to  mention the dogs and makes me admire the Wilsons all the more. I don't know how they do all they do. It's incredible!

While house sitting, I had the opportunity to ride twice (Abby got to come over for two of the days I was there!) I rode Emmi the first time. It was beautiful. I worked on walk to trot and trot to canter transitions with her, since hers are really jumpy. She continues to amaze me....she's just as sensitive as Arragon, but doesn't have the right-brained jumpiness that he has. And she's so obedient! She crept up on me in the feed room one morning- I wiggled my finger at her, and she backed right up! And I've only done that kind of yoyo with her a few times. She also got herself stuck in the feed room while I was running feed to some of the other horses. She snuck in and was eating the rice bran when I showed up. I gently pulled her tail, to try and get her to back up. She didn't understand that, so I had to squeeze in between her and the feed room wall to get in front of her. I knew it was dangerous....but she backed right out as soon as I was in front of her. Gosh, I just love that horse more and more. She's really helped to fill the gap left when Buster had to leave!

I rode Mandy the other time. We had Liz out as well, and those two do not get along, so I didn't ride her long. I just made sure she was relaxed and enjoying herself before I put her back out. She is a challenging horse!!

We haven't been able to work the boys lately, what with holidays and icy weather, and I haven't been to Linda's in forever. She did text me the other morning though, and we're planning for next week, as long as the weather holds. It'll be good to get back to playing with Cinny and Polly, and hanging out with Linda. Love all three of them!

OH! OH OH OH OH OH OH!!! I almost forgot! Guess what I got for Christmas???? It's what I had really really wanted!! A RE-SUBSCRIPTION TO SAVVY CLUB!!!! MY PARENTS RAWK!!!! :D

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