Sunday, January 13, 2013

I got another job! :D At the pet store! It'll be part-time...half days looks like, which will be really good. And I'll be surrounded by animals and subjects that I know something about, and also really great people (we know the owner), so hopefully it'll be good! I'm planning on working a few days a week....I'll find out which days on Monday I think. And I'm going to put more hours in at the Wilsons as well. Busy! But With the two jobs, I should be able to save up enough for a vehicle of my own by summer, which would make a lot of things easier!!

Oh, and I went to Lynda's last Friday! We started at the beginning again, since we've been off for the holidays. Cinny did great! Polly was cantankerous in the beginning, but once I had her attention, she was good. When I got on her've never been o0n a horse that is so barn sour!! We worked on relaxing away from the shed and pasture...which she did do eventually, and we ended on a happy note. But man, I can't rememberer the last time that I was sore after riding a horse, but right now I am so sore!! Just from having to use my legs so much more than I normally do!

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