Friday, August 3, 2012

House-sitting is done! They came back on Monday. We had the the house all cleaned up for them, and they brought us back cool Moari necklaces made out of bone!

Momma and June both went to the airport together to pick them up. And out of that, something good popped up!

Momma and June had a long talk, and June told Momma that she would like Kate and I to start working Aragon and Sterling again regularly and such and such. Apparently that's what it took to make momma and daddy realize that if we're going to do this, they have to help us. They talked with us, and we all decided that Kate adn I would go over and work on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

The words they were using to try and 'persuade' us to do this were like, exactly the same words I was using to persuade them a few months ago. I'm just glad they're finally seeing this and helping us with it!

So, we've been working with Gonster and the pony on Wed. and Fri. mornings. And June said that if we both can get those two back in to shape, then she'll bring one of the Wilson's horses over. She looked at me when she said it, and I almost screamed with happiness "Tulsa!". So I might just get him this fall! I'm excited about it. He's the only horse I've met since Buster left that I've really kind of melted over.

Aaaand...what else? Oh! We went and worked with Pistol last Friday night! She really is a challenge! She was rearing and striking out and being just plain old disrespectful! But the really awesome thing: we got her to come down. We were standing right by her hind end, rubbing on her, and we were disengaging her back end with no problems. I really think Mrs. B was really impressed and happy!!! Here's why I think that:
While Kate was working with Pistol, Mrs. B's phone rang. She picked it up, and said hi to her daughter, Blaise (Blaise owns Pistol, and is a TWH trainer in TN). She started to walk away, but I heard Mrs. B say: "Oh, Blaise, I wish you could see your horse. These girls are working with her and Pistol is so different..."

So yeah. We had a lot of success, and we'll be going back! :D I have pictures of Pistol rearing that are pretty cool, but I have to find my camera cord. In the great migration back home, it got lost. O.O

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