Saturday, August 18, 2012

Update on Pistol!

Young Miss Pistol is doing very well! Sometimes, I start to think that she's even smarter than Sterling...but then again, that would be tough. She's definetly right up there with him though!

We worked her last Monday,. and then yesterday. Pistol has already got the first 5 games down. She knows how to get out of them, and she also knows how to play tricks on us (sound like a certain pony?).

I was able to find her bad spot a little more specifically yesterday. I was doing some calm friendly on zone 4. Her left side was pretty good- only got nasty ears a few times and that was it. I went to her right side and started rubbing her at the neck, then worked my way down. She wasn't too fond of a belly scratch, but she didn't get upset about it. As soon as I came to her hip though, she threw some of her trademark kicks at me- both feet in the air, striking out to get you. I backed her off...way off, and let her sit and think about it for a minute. She came back to me readily, and I tired again. I started at the neck and went down. I worked on her for quite a while. She never threw anymore kicks, but she had nasty ears, tight muzzle, twitching tail, and she would side step onto me. But when I asked her too, she would disengage the right side.

We tried brainstorming on why she doesn't want her right hip touched. I was starting to wonder if maybe she was hurting there...but I don't think so. Her face and other actions say that it's a disrespect/trust issue. We couldn't figure out why it was the right hip, but we may never know. At least we know where she's having these issues now.

I really think it's a mixture of disrespect and trust. Both of which can be fixed with lots of friendly game, and lots of disengaging of the hind end. It'll just take some time, and she should be a great ground-horse!

I got on her and rode for a few minutes after she had calmed down and was being pleasant and willing again. Did some flat walking- easy peasy lemon squeezy bareback! :)

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