Friday, August 24, 2012

Went to a....seminar?

So! On Wednesday, I went to that seminar that Mrs. B invited me to. Turns out, it wasn't a seminar....

We go there, and there was like, nobody there. So we asked this man if there was supposed to be seminar still on pushy/dominant mares. He was like "Yeah, but how'd you hear about that?" Mrs B said "My neighbor is a good freind of the trainer and told us about it." Apparently, the guy was the owner of the horse that the trainer was coming to help with. We got the impression that this was actually supposed to be a private thing...which it was. But the guy was unbeleivably nice, and said that it wsa perfectly fine if we stayed and watched. But then, the boss lady of the place came out. She was like....really rude. She interupted a conversation, and basically told us that we weren't supposed to be there but she didn't care what we did as long as we signed liability forms and such...which I understand. But still, she kind of cranked off at the poor guy who's horse was going to be looked at, and he was having to explain, and she was just being really rude and short about things. I don't know if she was having a bad day or what...but how inconsiderate of others can you be??

Anyway! Mrs. M and Casey got there, and we explained the situation to them. Poor Mrs. B...she was saying she was glad she didn't invite the whole 4-H group!

The trainer, Elise Vandover of Stable Manners, arrived, and I immediatlye liked her. She was one of those people who, you talk to her for two minutes and you feel like you've known her forever. She was great! And her presentation was great too! She was very good at explaining things.

Basically all of what she said was pretty much right on the money with Parelli. But I think she had more of a Clinton Anderson approach....she was really fast and much more...assertive. And she said a few little things that either I misunderstood or I didn't agree with. Other than that though, she was great! We told her a little about Pistol's problem, and she thinks that it's becasue Pistol is reaching sexual maturity, which makes perfect sense. She said that she had a mare that broke a man's back, and her own hip and jaw in one day, because she was throwing fits like that. Once the mare turned 8 though, she was perfect.

Anyway, it was pretty neat. I have a few pictures, I just haven't had time yet to look at them.

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