Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I worked Pistol yesterday, aaaannnnddddddd:

I think she made a connection!!

I spent a lot of time just doing really calm, really simple friendly on zone 3 and 4. Rubbed underneath her belly, and her rump. Anytime I got near to her udder area or her hind legs, she would give me the nasty ears. So that made me start thinking it really is more of a trust issue.

Anyway, she did try to throw one set of kicks at me, and I am pretty darn proud of my reaction. Lightning fast! Heheh...not to toot my horn too loud or anything, though. :P I had the carrotstick in my left hand- the hand closest to zone 4, and my right hand on her barrel. When she shifted over and lifted those feet, I just flicked in zone 4 with my stick.

And then! Later, after I had gone through some other stuff, including moving the front end around, since she was being extra crowdy, I went back to friendly on the hind end. I was actually on the left side of her this time, which is usually her better side. I was just getting into zone 5 with my hand when Pistol suddenly shifted her weight off of the left hind- the leg she would kick me with. I was going to get ready to flick her and get the heck out of the way, but just like that, she shifted back onto her left, off of her right, and moved away from me instead!!!! She disengaged the hind end instead of kicking!!!!

I was so stoked! I gave her a treat and some friendly in zone 2, where she's comfortable. Then, I did just a few more small things like not rushing for a treat, keeping your nose out of my bubble, and I let her walk with her rope on the ground for a few minutes as another friendly game.

I really hope that was a turning point for her! I know that by Friday she might be nasty again, but I really think something clicked in her brain! Also, I changed my opinion on her issues. I think it's definitely a disrespect issue for the front end. She's constantly running over you and crowding and such. In the hind end...I'm starting to thing there is some mistrust back there. She was handled very thoroughly from a baby though, so Mrs. B said she's not sure what turned her on. We'll never know, but either way, I think it's mistrust/disrespect int he back end- a pretty even ratio.

We're going to a training seminar today with Mrs. B about 'Dominant/pushy Mares'. Kate and I are going to compare what we know to what this lady has to say. Excited!

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