Friday, April 27, 2012


I worked Buster this evening for about an hour. I'm so happy!! He did some serious thinking yesterday. He had his attention completely on me the whole time. He tried to go into a canter once, in the beginning, but I immediately disengaged him the way Mrs. Miller taught me, and he was great after that! We did beautiful walking circles, and then 1 and a half trotting circles to the right, and almost a full trotting circle to the left! We also worked more on the snappy back up, and on his leg yielding from the ground. He really likes the leg yielding, I think.

I put the saddle back on him and worked for a while in that. I actually really don't mind riding in the saddle. I got the stirrups shortened, so they weren't flapping about this time.

I'm feeling so motivated and encouraged right now

The only dampener: The stirrup fell of the saddle horn today when I was tightening my cinch, and hit me right in the glasses. There's a huge scratch on the right lens now. Hopefully next week we'll be able to get new lenses put in though. Come to think of it....these glasses deserve to be retired permanently. They've had several sets of new lenses put in them, and they've never sat straight on my face since that time Arragon whacked me int he face with his, that was not fun. I actually have a permanent scar above my left eye from that. Battle scars, baby! But anyway, I;m getting off topic here.....x)

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