Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Cool I Found...

Yay! This is similar to what we're doing with Lady (Miller) right now, but I'm going to try this tonight.

I'm teaching a horse clinic this week, and last night, I got to ride Lady for a few minutes after wards. It was the best ride I've had on her in a long time! Mrs. Graham has been playing with Lady a lot, and I think it's relaxing Lady, a little. Mrs. Graham just knows the basic seven games right now, and she still has trouble doing them sometimes, but I think going back to the bottom basics like that is good for Lady. of course, Lady can't stay there...she knows how to do much more advanced things...she just has trouble keeping her cool on- and so do I. But anyway, back to yesterday. Lady was extremely relaxed, which helped me to relax. We did lots of trot work and some fast figure eights, and neither of us got antsy! Yays! :D Hopefully, we do as good- if not better- tonight!

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