Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's ride...

I rode Emmi today, at work. Dang it, I forgot just how much I love riding that mare!! She is so dependable and consistent. I love my Buster, but it's so nice to get on a consistent horse every once in a while!

Cyrus came with me, and I asked him if he would take some pictures of me while I rode. He was happy to oblige. I let him use Ernest, so he was stoked. And you know what? That little brother of mine took some pretty darn good cool pictures!!

Isn't she such a pretty mare? I've decided that she's a left brained extrovert.

Is this not the most amazing picture ever?? :O

He was just a little too far ahead for a series of pictures like this- otherwise they would've been perfect!! I think I'll let Boo take pictures more often. :P

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