Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yay! Got to work Buster today!

Finally had a chance to get out and work Buster today! I wasn't expecting much, because it's been like, 2 months. Buster blew me away!! On the ground, he yoyo'ed over a pole at phase 1/very light phase 2!!!! I. Was. Stoked. Yoyo has really become his favorite game of all!

When I got on to ride, I had to get a little tougher with him. Two months off and he's gotten pretty darn stubborn again. I have to use a lot of direction on his head, and heavy leg aids. He's also gone stiff again. I worked on loosening him up and stretching him out, and started some easy releasing on simple things, to get him to want to play- not resist. He also was really 'lazy' today- it was about 85, so I guess part of it was the weather.

We gave both Lady and Red baths after we rode- they loved that!! They both stood really well, after they realized that they were going to cool off.

In other big news:

Katy and I are showing Buster and Lady this year!! We're working out getting a hold of tack and show clothes right now. I might possibly be able to use one of June's western saddles, if it fits Red, and Mr. Freet also has a saddle for Red, but it's a man's saddle so it might not fit me. Katy has either Mr. Wilson's English saddle or Mrs. Rosenthal's English saddle coming for her. We both want to do both styles, but this year we might be stuck with just one- which is actually okay, because I prefer western, and Katy prefers english. We're not sure yet whether or not we'll be able to use bitless bridles. As far as show apparel goes, we're going to up to Golden Horseshoe soon and check out what they have.

I am so excited for this summer!!

And we ordered our tickets for Parelli Horse and Soul!!!

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