Thursday, January 5, 2012

Learned something interesting today...

I put in a good 3 hours with Buster today. Kate and I set up the arena to work on our Parelli auditions, got the horses out, groomed, and started playing! Buster did really well (and my new audition outline that I made yesterday is much better than my first one!)- until we got to the circling game.

Circling game used to be Buster's favorite. Then we started trying to ask him to canter on the circle. I think that's where he lost it. I think he's gone back into 'longeing mode'. He wouldn't be consistent today...he wouldn't even go in a circle. It was more like a triangle. At each point of the triangle, he would pull and buck and go nuts. i went to something else for a while, then we came back and did one circle at the walk in both directions and called it good.

I don't understand it...he finally did half a cantering circle the other week, and now he;s fallen to pieces. I have to work on his right side a lot too...that side is really lacking.

BUT- aside from the circling issues, we had a good play session. We went for a ride afterwards. The pastures were dry enough to ride in, so we did lots of cantering!

Oh yes, and Lady tried to bite the side of Buster's head....while we were riding. Bad mare...x)

SO anyway, 3 hours of awesomeness today. :) The weather is going to be fantastic for the res of the week, so I'm planning on getting in lots more time!

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