Monday, January 2, 2012

Year Goals!

Okey dokey, so this is what I would like to accomplish with Buster this year:

Short term goals: (as in, this winter/spring)

Improve our friendly game
Pass levels 1 and 2 online!
Learn to sit Buster's trot
Make more time to play!

Long term goals:

Get Buster cantering in a circle without freaking out
Pass level 1 Freestyle!
Teach Buster some tricks- bow, lay down?
Better my Parelli Savvy

So those are my goals for now.

Oh yes! A pretty cool thing happened last night when Kate and I were doing the barn. I walked out of Lady's stall (next to Buster's) and headed down for the feed room, and Kate called me back. She said that Buster was in his stall craning his little neck around as far as he could to see me. I went over and said hi to him. He just licked my hands. :)

It was kind of cool to see that he really wanted to see me. I know that he likes me, but I didn't know that he liked me that much. Maybe it was because he was hungry? Nah...I don't think so. He's such a special little boy. ;)

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