Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Parelli Audition

When you play with horses using Parelli, there are levels that you can pass. There are also types of levels. Here are the four types: (Hold on here, this could get confusing.)


Online means that you have a lead rope attached to the horse's halter. Freestyle is riding, with reins. Liberty is working on the ground using your energy and your body- no halter or lead rope touching the horse. Finesse is riding without reins, hackamore, etc.

There are 4 general levels to each type. Level 1, level 2, level 3, etc. That's no the end of it though. I'm pretty sure there's only one person that's level 6, aside from pat and Linda Parelli themselves.

When you think you've worked enough to test for one of the levels, you video yourself doing a 10 minute session with your horse, and send it in to Parelli Central. They evaluate your savvy skills, and send you back your score sheet.

I'm getting ready to test for levels 1 and 2 online. The first two online levels are the only levels that you can take at the same time. Level 2 requires that you use a 22 foot lead rope, so I've been working all summer and fall long practicing with the longer lead rope and working on a few other things for my audition.

So this is my level 1/2 audition. It's pretty straightforward: I introduce myself and Buster, play the friendly game, touch the ball, do some front end spins on the tarp (driving game), lead Buster by the front legs (porcupine game), weave through the four cones, do some circles (circling game), back up over a pole (yoyo game), sidepass along the barrels (sideways game), and then walk over the tarp (squeeze game). I have to do all of this in 10 minutes, and we have to video it. Shouldn't be too hard. I'm excited!!

I just have to figure out how to fix our circling issue, and we'll be ready!

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