Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We did the yoyo game PERFECTLY!!

Buster backed off of phase one and two! I only had to go to three once!! This is serious progress for him!

I was able to back him all 22 feet out- in a straight line (!)- and then draw him back in. He had his ears completely forward the whole time! Aaaahhh!! I'm so excited! I have zero complaints about his yoyo tonight.


We also did more work on our circles. He did his left side okay, but then as soon as I went to the right side, we kind of lost it. but we'll get it.

Anyway, we had fun. We're supposed to be getting some real winter weather starting tonight, so we might not be able to play for a while. It was good to have one last play session for the time being. :)

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