Monday, January 16, 2012

Worked With Another Horse Today

So today was Monday. On Monday's, I go to a 4-H horse project meeting that my group leader, Mrs. Miller, hosts. Me, Kate, and a few other friends ride on the first group, and then we help teach the next three groups that ride.

I usually work with Lady, a Quarter Horse mare (different horse than Kate's Lady). Lady is a right brained extrovert- the complete opposite of Buster. She's flighty, tends to be a little crabby, a little distrustful, and she has some confidence issues too. We're starting a new schedule, and I get to work with Lady for the next 6 weeks straight!

Today, we worked on just getting her to relax. The weather was changing today, and it was a little windy, so she was a little extra hyper today. We did some ground work and some stretches, and then I got on.

We worked on relaxing while mounting, and then when I finally did get up, we worked on relaxing at the walk and trot. Every time she sped up her trot or tried to buck, I would move her into a circle. We finally got to where we were doing a relaxed trot almost all the way around the arena. Not bad.

Overall, I think Lady did really well today, considering the fact that the weather was freaking us both out. I'm trying to think on how I can get her to stop bucking at other horses when they come near her....

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