Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Such a nice weekend!

The weather this weekend has been so nice!! And we've been using it!

Let's see....to catch up:

Last Saturday, June called me and said that Buster's owner, Mr. Freet, had come out and wanted to see me play with Buster. I was so excited to show off what Buster can do now! I hadn't worked him for a while, because of weather, so I didn't expect a whole lot from him. He totally blew me away!! He did wonderfully! He had a really consistent back over a pole, his circles actually went okay, and he actually danced with me! When we did our synchronization and I asked him to canter, he was so happy! It was really cute to see! And what was even cuter was how every little bit he would look over at Mr. Freet to make sure he was watching. x)

So that was Saturday....Monday was 4-H. I worked Lady, and I also worked with Betsy a little bit. Working with Betsy showed me how extroverted Buster's getting when he plays. She was so.....slow. And hard to motivate. But I got her to trot on the rail in the end.

And today, Tuesday. It was 65 degrees out today. O.o Thirty years ago today, we were having the blizzard of 1982. There was like, 22 inches of snow...not that I was there, but still, weather interests me. :)

Anyway, Kate and I did morning barn chores this morning, and then we rode and did pictures!! We had tons of fun! I got video of Katy galloping up the hill....and then falling off. x) Not a bad fall, more of an emergency dismount, but hey, I got video!!

Buster's trot is suddenly really easy to sit. I don't know if it's me or him. Either way, it's really good and I hope it stays that way.

I'll post a few of today's pictures after I sort and edit them.

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